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Throwback Throwdown

BBC Sounds.

A musical sound clash with big name talent - Babatunde, Poet and Mimi The Music Blogger.



BBC Sounds are always looking to draw in younger audiences with entertaining shows they connect with, so they commissioned us to make this 10 part audio series, with accompanying social media content. They wanted to make an impact on platform, on social media, and on BBC 1Xtra.



After working hard to secure the right talent, we then planned the filming and recording within the space of 3 weeks, as well as what was going to happen in each episode. We had to overcome the challenge of recording the series in a boxing gym, and the impact on sound quality this would have. We recorded all 10 episodes over a course of a week and after editing in post-production, released them weekly on BBC Sounds and broadcast on 1Xtra, with the accompanying visual pieces for social media.



  • Creative idea development

  • Fast and agile turnaround

  • Idea development

  • Project management

  • Strategy

  • Radio production

  • Visual production

  • Location recording

  • Talent management and development

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