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Annie Nightingale:

 Five Decades

BBC Radio 1.

Nick Grimshaw meets Radio 1's first-ever female DJ, the legendary Annie Nightingale, 50 years on from when she started at the station.

Listen now.



To mark Annie Nightingale's 5th decade on Radio 1, we were commissioned to put together a suitable on-air celebration for the esteemed broadcaster.



We produced a fun, conversational two hour co-host, with Annie and Nick Grimshaw. Annie selected meaningful music and recapped iconic stories of her past including, taking David Bowie to the pub, missing Eric Clapton's wedding, meeting the Queen, and gaining (and misplacing) her MBE.

In Annie’s usual midnight slot, we produced a 4 week series covering the genres and scenes that Annie has championed - electronica punk to funk, acid house, rave techno, grime and pop. These shows also featured interviews with The Chemical Brothers and Billie Eilish.   



  • Audio production

  • Creative idea development

  • Remote recording

  • Storytelling

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