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Lose Yourself...

BBC 6 Music.

A series designed to take the listener on a virtual journey and create a dream-like state.

Listen now.



BBC 6 Music were looking for sonically soothing radio ideas to assist the listener to unwind.



We created a concept designed to take the listener out of their living rooms and around the world. Three rotating residents, Caroline Polachek, Nabihah Iqbal and Honey Dijon provided an hour mix with a travel theme, and then a DJ guide put together an hour representing a location or city that they love



  • Creative idea development

  • Radio show production

  • Project management

  • Talent management

Lose Yourself without Sounds.jpg

Well that was a beautiful listen. The music is spectacular in Caroline’s hour and just the right amount of speech. Beautifully made! Murlo’s SFX and music choices are also extraordinary. It was really hypnotic in places, I totally zoned out

Camilla Pia

BBC 6 Music: Assistant Commissioner

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